David de Michele – Passage Through the Central Sun

David de Michele - Passage Through the Central Sun

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David De Michele – Passage Through the Central Sun
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Indigo World Productions, 2001

David de Michele, formerly known as David White Dove, is a Colorado-based musician composing music for transformation since 1994.  “Passage Through the Central Sun”, offering four spontaneously performed extended tracks, can surely be categorized as ambient space music.

The cd booklet explains the music is inspired by Angels and Beings of Light, but the music beautifully combines earthy and ethereal instruments avoiding getting too light and too new-age-like. Along with classic and uplifting textures, there are symphonic hints as well, not to forget the sound of sustained bells throughout the album. The title track is a textural blanket of soundscapes, followed by “Evolution”, which contains a hold-back, steady beat to this relaxed sound. “Through the Fifth” is more pastoral with some occasional heavenly textures in the first half of the piece, before things get floating and symphonic again. “Universal Embrase” concludes the album with some choir sounds added to the free-form soundscapes. All in all, this recording is a nice one.

Website: daviddemichele.bandcamp.com



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