David Gerard – The Dream Chamber

David Gerard - The Dream Chamber

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David Gerard – The Dream Chamber
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Orbiting Orion, 2013

The 51-minute “The Dream Chamber” is best classified as sleep-inducing and stress-relief soundscape music, pairing flowing textures and gentle washes into a slowly-evolving outcome.

Overall minimal in form, the hypnotic textural current of the first phase is only occasionally interrupted by a few stronger sounding string bits. The drift and immersion carefully deepens on the following four phases, forming a decompressing and unhurried set of hypnotizing spheres that work out overall relaxing and calming.

Mind though “The Dream Chamber” isn’t always as quiet as it might seem, as especially the shorter “Phase Three: Entering Delta” displays a vibe in motion. In addition, I think its overall sound could have been quite a bit warmer as well.

Website: www.cdbaby.com/all/ambientism


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