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David Helping - IN


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David Helpling  – IN
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2022

“IN” is an epic release by David Helpling composed over a ten-year period. Its music is celebrating (and is inspired by) the vastness of and the wonder found in small spaces, simple and intricate as well as expansive and intimate. Two vocalists along with a cello player and an Esraj player joined David on a few tacks with their own inspired expressions to realize a macro-focus on his contemplation of life. As could be expected from this label and the artist in question, a lot of attention was paid to detail, mixing and mastering the highly emotive music.

Atmospheric opener “Waves dream of breaking” already paves the way for a smooth unfolding, unhurried and imaginary journey to the other side. In there, on and off, is still that gentle glowing touch of classic Patrick O’Hearn. Although it’s interesting to hear David collaborate with other musicians, I still think the best music on this 90-minute soft-sparkling release is the one he makes all on his own, being able to resonate after it stopped playing. “IN”, a sonic world at ease featuring warm synths pads, subtle percussion, and ambient guitar, ticks lots of boxes for fans of emotive ambient electronic music. A very nice one, David.

Website: ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com

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