David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Found

David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - Found


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David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Found
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2013

This is such a recording causing a rush of excitement already at first glance, although being the final episode of the duo’s trilogy.

“Found” is a 70+ minute emotive work of ambient music featuring both grand and intimate atmospheres along compelling rhythm sections, all propelling the listener straight to imaginative, higher spheres. While Mr Helpling sticks close to classic Patrick O’Hearn-like sound, Jon Jenkins excels in adding his own distinct array of sonic marvels which also don’t disappoint the least.

Lots of mournful, melancholic guitar and lush synth work is scattered over the strong sonic narrative, counterpointed by massive drums and tribal percussion. I simply can’t imagine one isn’t touched by the intrinsic, heart-warming beauty of “Only Ashes” and “Through Tears”.

As soon as we move near the end of the album, the feeling to beg farewell also becomes undeniably stronger, reaching another pinnacle on “Edge of Tomorrow” and the overwhelming title piece (which features the evocative vocals of Miriam Stockley).

“Found” is an intense, outstanding and expertly crafted ambient-electronic recording making a perfect conclusion to the six-year chapter of the Helpling/Jenkins collaboration. Bravo guys for making this happen!

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