David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – The Crossing

David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - The Crossing


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David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – The Crossing
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2010

“The Crossing”, released three years after their critically acclaimed “Treasure“, is the third album by the talented musicians and sound designers David Helpling and Jon Jenkins.

It´s again a highly imaginary release featuring great uplifting, expansive spheres as well as monumental and dynamic moods. Moreover, the intense music with occasional powerful drum elements is loaded with intrinsic beauty, emotion and flair.

Overall, it breaths an exquisite sense of yearning, grace and longing as the expertly layered vast textural pads move forward. Occasionally, it faintly echoes the early recordings of Patrick O´Hearn. The output of Erik Wøllo lso comes to mind, especially when the textures elegantly spread their wings or when electric guitar is more prominently used in e.g. the powerful title track.

When you´re looking for great sonic vistas with strong and elusive melodies, the highly cinematic “The Crossing” is your ticket for a pleasing 70-minute ride into deeper heartlands towards the horizon.
The great visual artwork by Michael Karcz which graces the three panel digipak deserves a special mention here as well.
Very well done you all!

Website: www.deepexile.com

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