David Helpling – Rune

David Helpling – Rune


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David Helpling – Rune
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2019

I’ve been following the musical endeavours of US-composer David Helping for many years, the last few focussing on sophisticatedly treated, pure ambient guitar and electronics. “Rune’s” cinematic outcome is directly influenced by the waters of the ocean and the Norse rune called Laguz, which speaks of deep wisdom and respect for the sea, representing the universal ocean and the collective memory of all life.

The 67-minute concept album (created without the use of any keyboards, synthesizers or computer-based sound generators) is inspired by the creative, destructive, and life-sustaining forces of water as depicted in the spiritual wisdom and poetry of this ancient Norse rune. While creating the music with much attention to layering, detail, order and space, Helpling immersed himself in this monumental idea of an all-encompassing ocean, capturing its depth, sound and indefinable magic to almost constant immersive effect.

If you’re fond of emotive, ethereal, calm and warm guitar textures drifting and swirling in an enthralling lush expanse, “Rune” is definitely a must-buy for you. Howard Givens’ stunning mastering techniques are the icing on the cake for this beautiful album.


Website: www.davidhelpling.com

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