David Helping – Sleeping on the Edge of the World

David Helping - Sleeping on the Edge of the World

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David Helpling – Sleeping on the Edge of the World
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 1999

This is the second album from accomplished ambient-electronic artist and film composer David Helping which -like almost all of SP’s releases- is graced by a beautiful cover. Predecessor “Between Green and Blue” on the whole reminded quite a bit of the fine music of Patrick O’Hearn, something that also holds true for this “Sleeping on the Edge of the World”, although once again David manages to bring it on very interestingly.

The impressive opening piece briefly sets you off on the wrong foot with beautiful, broadly conceived soundscapes and deep basslines (Ron Boots would love this) but not long after that, more and more typical O’Hearn touches appear, which are more and less camouflaged for about 60 minutes/11 tracks. Moreover, the full outcome has matured further, providing an enchanting, intricate sound design featuring lots of vast, lush soundscape textures in a symphonic style. Here, power, magic, and drama shake hands

Noteworthy is “Deepest Days” with some light dance touches. As a side note, one can hear David Helping has a very good set of instruments at his disposal, and also the mix and production are very refined and of an exceptionally high level.

This said, “Sleeping on the Edge of the World” makes a very nice spacy album for those who like visual, atmospheric soundscapes interlarded with electronics that -as mentioned before- shows affinity with the work of Mr. O’Hearn.

Rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.

Website: www.deepexile.com

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