David Parsons – Akash

David Parsons - Akash

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David Parsons – Akash
CD, Celestial Harmonies, 2010

With “Akash” (meaning sky or ether in the Sanskrit language), New-Zealand based musician David Parsons returns to highly spherical and overall quiet sound worlds, trying to evoke “an expansive sky-like atmosphere” on the five long tracks.

Using an array of self-programmed sound pads made with oscillators and filters, David follows through on his quest for surrealism or off-worldliness, sonically concentrating on pure synthesis as heard on his previous releases “Earthlight” and “Jyoti” than on any type of sampled sound.

Of all tracks on this recording, I’m especially fond of “Sky Spirits”, which features some nice, slowly circling textures and spatial sequencing.

The outcome on “Akash” is imaginary, hypnotizing and elevating, offering a smooth roaming 61-minute ambient trip with immersive impact.

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