David Parsons – Atmanaut

David Parsons - Atmanaut

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David Parsons – Atmanaut
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Celestial Harmonies, 2018

This release is a surprising one as the composer hadn’t received any notification from the label they had released it finally after it had been shelved for so many years. “Atmanaut” (which can be translated as soul journey) actually comprises two unreleased albums from New Zealand-based ambient artist David Parsons: “Atmanaut” (finished in 2007) and “Atma Yatra” (presumably finished a few years later) which David refers to as the darker cousin of the album “Ngaio Gamelan”.

The first seven tracks are taken from “Atma Yatra” while the remaining six made up “Atmanaut”. The realm of aural experiences encountered here is one of Tibetan-inspired floating, meditative sound worlds hanging tight to Mr Parsons signature sound. It shifts between groovy world ambient (“Perhatian”, “Apparition”) to expansive cinematic outings of a textural/drony nature (“Cosmic Sea”, “Dhamek”, “Rakshasloka”).

Note: In February 2022, the label released this fine ethnic-atmospheric music finally on factory-pressed cd!


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