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David Parsons - Chakra


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David Parsons – Chakra
CD/Digital Download, Gterma, 2019

After “Puja” and “Stupa”, “Chakra” is the third album by New Zealand-based composer David Parsons on the Swedish G-terma label.

This time around, the tracks on “Chakra” were very much gear-inspired. David purchased a couple of Synthstrom Deluges, a locally made portable synthesizer, sequencer and sampler from Wellington designed for the creation, performance and improvisation of electronic music. This brilliantly designed piece of gear -running on an internal rechargeable battery- offers pretty much unlimited sampling storage and more composing tracks than one would ever need. In addition, they can also control all David’s other hardware and software synths. About 70% of the album’s music was created in the outdoors during holiday down south with this portable gear.

It ended up as a 62-minute inner journey (overall a bit more rhythmic than Parsons’ last releases) of slow progressing, minimal-angled and lush swirling sound waves. These meet up with David’s signature aural Tibetan and Asian flavours as well as some occasional monk chants. Its effect is dreamful, hypnotizing, and immersive and even becomes fulfilling when the intrinsic power trail of the 10-minute delight “Manipura” washes over the listener. Thereafter, David’s takes his listeners to great heights with the atmospheric, minimalist painting “Svadhisthana” (moving into “Himalaya’s” pure soundwaves), then rounds out the fascinating journey beautifully with the rhythmic-spiced, intense “Muladhara”.

The excellently mastered “Chakra” is a winner on all fronts making a great addition to Parsons’ discography. Headphone-listening is strongly recommended.

Website: http://gterma.bandcamp.com/album/chakra

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