David Parsons – Dorje Ling

David Parsons - Dorje Ling


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David Parsons – Dorje Ling
CD, Fortuna records, 1992

The sonic fabric on Mr Parsons “Dorje Ling” continues very nicely in the realm of mystic Tibet and the Indian culture. The release was inspired by David Parsons subsequent return to Dharamsala, India, known as the home of Tibetan Buddhism in exile.

It later on charged Mr Parsons to expertly fuse the impressive deep chants of Tibetan Monks of the Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery and Tibetan horns with gently flowing textural harmonies and percussive elements. Moreover, David’s ongoing exploration of Eastern sounds is further deepened, while the overall complex timbre quality is impeccable.

While the dynamics of the opening track “Tantra” evoke a kick-inside, the sense of awe and wonder embedded within the lush textural scapes on the other tracks reaches a new peak here.
All I can say is: be immersed by the beautiful mystics and poetic sonic meditation captured on the highly recommended “Dorje Ling”.

Two more (exclusive) pieces falling in the same soundframe can be found on the Celestial Harmonies sampler “Musique Mechanique”.

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