David Parsons – Forgotten Dreams

David Parsons - Forgotten Dreams

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David Parsons – Forgotten Dreams
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Celestial Harmonies, 2023

This album, released through Eckart Rahn’s Celestial Harmonies label, saw the light of day in an unnoticed manner as I couldn’t find any promo for it. Dave and Eckart actually go back a long way, as Eckart (who had shown an interest in traditional Asian music at a very early stage) sent Dave and his family to many interesting countries in the past for recording projects and assignments, which was, and continues to be, life-changing for David.

There’s no particular theme to “Forgotten Dreams”, it’s just a collection of compositions from his files that he felt appropriate. As such the album title could refer to many things. Still, the melodies and sounds of instruments David had recorded around the Eastern Hemisphere long ago as well as their affiliate cultures are always there and continue as a source of inspiration.

The 64-minute/8-track outcome with sparse rhythms features quite some slightly darker electronic sounds and mesmerizing drone fields (“Letting Go”, “Forgotten Dreams”, “Here Before”) but also touches the lighter ground on “Charming Creek” and “Way Home”. Overall, “Forgotten Dreams” turns out a bit more minimal/abstract.

In the end, Mr Parson’s music always takes the listener on a hallucinogenic journey, transporting the listener to another place, only these are places of the mind evoking and leaving behind a sense of awe.

Overall rating: between 3 and 3.5 stars


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