David Parsons – Himalaya

David Parsons - Himalaya

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David Parsons – Himalaya
CD, Fortuna records, 1989

The ethno-electronic music on “Himalaya” reflects the beauty and impact of Indian and Tibetan culture music.
As the previous albums, it was inspired by David’s ongoing contact and extensive stays with Tibetan Monks living in exile in Northern India. It also allowed David to make recordings of their mystic chants and ceremonies, which were later implemented into the elevating dronescapes and environmental sounds.

The opening 19-minute title track lift your up in a gentle, comfortable manner, while the smooth pulsating and sustaining soundscapes and tabla percussion of “Akbar” (the only short track on the album) warm you up to learn more about mystic worlds lying beyond.

“Himalaya’s” textural and transparent ambient music takes you into the grandeur of majestic and high spaces, while its highly cinematic impact “paints” a spectacular scenery of the immense Tibetan Himalaya’s while you’re virtually standing on the roof of the world.

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