David Parsons – Jyoti

David Parsons - Jyoti

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David Parsons – Jyoti
CD, Celestial Harmonies, 2009

David Parsons’ release “Jyoti” (which is, like all of his music, inspired by Indian music) is basically the “sister” album to “Earthlight”, although slightly darker sound wise.

David recalls in the booklet he extensively used the Novation synthesizer (which he intends to utilise a lot on projects in the foreseeable future), with a touch of Emu, Kurzweil and Roland instruments here and there to create the music.
In addition, he did all the synth programming, patiently creating and shaping all sounds generated by modulated oscillators, banning any preset sounds or samples whatsoever.

The 61-minute outcome on “Jyoti” (the Sanskrit word for light or flame) is a huge painting of highly imaginary soundscapes with a warm, organic edge and subtle rhythmic elements. It’s at times softly floating, then smoothly shifting to otherworldly textural beauty before elevating to lofty dronescapes with almost hypnotizing effect.

Sometimes the airy music is gently set into motion with a light sequence, such as on the captivating “City of Spirits”, while things feel a tad alienating at the start of the closing piece “They Come” before drifting into soothing, heavenly spheres.

“Jyoti” is well-crafted, slow-flow mind music to detach easily from the daily hectic and hasty worldly affairs that surround us.

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