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David Parsons - Portal

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David Parsons – Portal

I’ve been following and enjoying the sonic adventures of David Parsons for over three decades now. Personally, I’ve been especially fond of his Tibetan-inspired/flavored works such as “Himalaya”, “Tibetan Plateau”, “Dorje Ling” and “Vayra”. That same aural path is found on “Portal”. Mr. Parsons though has never been fond of the concept approach, he even dislikes naming tracks. It’s his strong belief that once a name has been given, unless it is entirely abstract, it colours the listener’s perception, whereas they may well have an entirely different emotional response

The minimalist “Portal”, compiled from some 2-300 existing project files, was created with no actual theme in mind but strong flavors from Asian mysticism, as well as Tibetan culture, are present once again. The slow-form outcome with occasional sequenced patterns is dreamful, hypnotizing, and contemplative while entering various darker passages along the 64-minute journey. It reaches some pinnacle moments on the mesmerizing tracks “Mela” and “Be Still” while the realm of Parsons’ classic “Himalaya” fades in on the final piece “Mountain of Light”. All-in-all, “Portal” makes another nice treat for afficionados of transcendental aural landscapes.


Website: gterma.bandcamp.com

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