David Parsons – Shaman

David Parsons - Shaman

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David Parsons – Shaman
CD, Celestial Harmonies, 1999

This world/ambient project had been announced for long time, fortunately in the same form as David Parsons originally had it mind.

The album, inspired by the major shamanic traditions on the globe, breaths a heavy ethnic flavour from cultures like Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.
These are all places where David has travelled extensively for commissioned projects, so he was also able to make local recordings.
The concept as such reflects a complete ceremony by shamen in a remote desert valley.

Next to a whole bunch of very nice acoustic sound samples, the music is dominated by fierce tabla rhythms and sequencing, which is a counterpoint to Parsons’ former introspective music, although some swirling soundscapes are also featured.

All in all, this properly produced album is one for world music oriented listeners in the electronic music community.

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