David Parsons – Stupa

David Parsons - Stupa

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David Parsons – Stupa
CD, Gterma , 2013

It’s almost four years since the EM-community saw the last album of New-Zealand based composer David Parsons, which was due to circumstances at his former label. In the meantime, David didn’t stop molding new sonic creations where ambient and Indian classical music neatly converge.

He started using different electronic instruments, predominantly applying German technology these days such as Access Virus, U-he Zebra2 and Cubase as composing software alongside a sprinkling of EMU and Roland technology as well. From the start, this new gear and synths hugely inspire to explore the instrument thoroughly, which makes him end up with a huge library of unique sounds that he has programmed himself.

These sounds then inspired to create new music, so “Stupa” is eventually the result of these new instruments and some traditional Indian instruments. Still, the listener enters deep Tibetan-spheres and morphing drone fields where lots of mysticism is hanging in the air along soft soaring, hypnotizing and elevating passages.

The atmospheric “Tashi” found in the middle of the release is one of those tracks perfectly in line with the stuff heard on “Parikrama” or “Yatra”. The title track nicely merges the praying of monks with psychedelic-flavored dronescapes, together triggering the journey inward. The latter is extended on the deeps realms of “Rings”, turning into a profound ambient magic on the strong “Altai Moon”.

All in all, “Stupa” is proof Mr Parsons is still getting along pretty strong.

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