David Parsons – Surya

David Parsons - Surya


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David Parsons – Surya
CD, Celestial Harmonies, 2008

After a very long wait, we can finally welcome “Surya”, an album which nicely continues the deep atmospheric realms which David explored on his album “Inner Places” release.
For the highly atmospheric music, David only used hardware synthesizers and oscillators to give the outcome a more electronic sound.

“Surya”, Parsons tribute to the sun, is a very ambient/space album, of which the title track “Surya” (Hindu sun god) was pretty much inspired by the dvd “Borealis” sent to him by Lynn Augstein, for which a track of David was licensed.

For the title track, David got inspired by the fluid light images of the trailer she included on the dvd of a forthcoming release called “Mandala”.
The 64 minutes of vibrating, cinematic music on “Surya” is all about well crafted, shapeshifting textures, venturing into introspective, elegantly floating sonic worlds.

Those who love his space music stuff, make sure you grab this one. Well done, David!

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