David Parsons – Vajra

David Parsons - Vajra


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David Parsons – Vajra
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2004

After several years of silence and only the sampler “In Retrospect”, fall 2004 finally saw the release of “Vajra”, a new album inspired by the extensive journey’s Parsons undertook in Tibet and especially the Himalaya’s.

The six tracks of “Vajra” display the remarkable musicianship Parsons his known for since he started making music. In addition, it’s always a delight to find out and experience the cinematic music he has come up every time.

Next to flowing soundscapes David implements ethnic instruments and handplayed percussion in his music, which still works magic after all these years.
But Parsons also used a drumcomputer and some assorted digital percussion and bells. Together they form a beautiful blanket of introspective textures, which has the most elevating effect in the closing title track.

All in all, “Vajra” offers an impressive journey inward which nicely complements his range of Tibetan inspired music.
Nicely done, David!

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