David Parsons – Yatra

David Parsons - Yatra

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David Parsons – Yatra
CD, Fortuna records, 1990

The double album “Yatra” is due to Mr Parsons’ ongoing passion for India and his personal interest in the physics of sound creation, which he was able to transform into ethno-space music.

The outcome mirror’s David’s inner journey and experiences while he travelled through India, meeting its people and breathing its rich, mysterious culture. Parson recalls that several sound effects and environmentals on it were basically done as he was hanging out a train in the middle of the night with the tape recorder going.

The ten tracks on “Yatra” (Sanskrit for “journey”) offer two hours of fine crafted cinematic ambient music spiced with environmental sounds: the longer pieces (found on the second disc) dive into atmospheric, mystic realms while the shorter ones are more up-tempo, electro-acoustic excursions of Indian folk.

The deep and highly textural worlds entered on the second cd are the ones though that are the most fascinating and hypnotizing as they gently wrap the listener in its inner landscape during the journey..

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