David Wright – In Search of Silence

David Wright - In Search of Silence

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David Wright – In Search of Silence

For “In Search of Silence”, David Wright put everything he’d accumulated over 25 years into practice, both musically and technically, plus more of an awareness of playing and programming.

The outcome is a 79-minute melodic and emotive journey that ebbs and flows through various moods and styles, changing as the currents of human life. For me, it is also the first album since “Momentum” that again grabs me, being a genuine emotive and gentle cascading instrumental ride where things fall into place while sounding balanced throughout.

There are some really nice gems found here such as “Sanctuary” (Prologue – Reprise- Epilogue) and the almost 13-minute title track. Another notable piece is the gentle “Debussy in the Mist”, merging a contemporary sound with a vintage flavour. “Alchemy” even delves in more up-tempo melodic symphonic spheres, again with a nice Mellotron patches.
“Worlds Beneath” immerses in fluid waves, evaporating a sense of quiet, although being set in motion on the second half.

The 12 tracks making up “In Search of Silence” are a kaleidoscope of flowing elements and smooth undercurrents that are cohesive while also being different, making up a continuous harmonic scenery to feel at ease with.

Website: www.admusicshop.com/artist/david-wright

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