Dead Beat Project – R’Evolution

Dead Beat Project - R'Evolution


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Dead Beat Project – R’Evolution

“R’Evolution” is a soundtrack to a visionary instrumental opera and musical play to elevate your consciousness. The creator of this surprising and multi-faced electro-acoustic foray is Dead Beat Project, aka French composer, sound-designer and multi-instrumentalist Olivier Goyet.

Its music mixes fascinating sounds and structures merging elements from ethnic/world music, ambient styles with those from electro, neo-classical and trip hop. The vibrant, versatile and transparent outcome is a rich kaleidoscope of spheres and moods. Or to cite the inlay text: “a trip in the alchemy of the elements through music, dance, visual arts, the art of fire in magical atmospheres full of beauty and purity”.

Well, it’s quite a delight to be embraced by its hidden powers, mysterious undercurrents and hypnotic impact while travelling into and through other dimensions, somewhere in between the cosmos and the earth.

Despite its spiritual, ritualistic and at times even slight new age traces, the multi-coloured and well-produced chill-out-ish music of “R’Evolution” leaves a positive and energetic feel as its opens up both mind and spirit.
I strongly recommend this highly cinematic album if you’re into Synaesthesia, Australis and Schiller.

Website: Beat Project


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