Dead Beat Project – Samsara

Dead Beat Project - Samsara

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Dead Beat Project – Samsara

The French multimedia project Dead Beat Project made quite an impression on me with their album “R’Évolution”, a nice blend of electro, world and ethnic flavors. Now here’s it successor “Samsara”, made out of tracks composed for various dance shows of the dance choreographer Gwam in recent years.

The almost instrumental and highly spherical outing is again fully orchestrated by multi-instrumentalist and sound wizard Olivier Goyet, playing hammered dulcimer, synths, didjeridoo and assorted percussion. The latter has a real talent fusing electro-acoustic and medieval folklore, while at the same time incorporating orchestral elements along ambient, neo-classical, chill-out and contemporary ingredients.

If you’re fond of the magical, dreamy, fairytale oriented music of Gandalf, Dead Can Dance, Andreas Vollenweider or the quiet side of Mind over Matter, the well-produced, highly emotive and cinematic “Samsara” is strongly recommended. “In the Silence of the Earth” and the rather static/clinical “Fire Drums” are the moments on the 70-minute release where the inspired music briefly falls flat on its back with bleak ruminations. In addition, the folky upbeat style heard on the last track doesn’t sound that inspired either.

Although not as good and consistent as “R’Évolution”, this is hypnotizing as fantastic world of mesmerizing sound.

Website: Beat Project


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