Deborah Martin – Deep Roots, Hidden Water (remastered)

Deborah Martin - Deep Roots, Hidden Water (remastered)

“Deep Roots, Hidden Water” is the second album by multi-instrumentalist Deborah Martin, which is now re-released as an authentic 24-bit remaster, 3-panel digipak with a new cover.

The detailed restoration has lifted the sensitivity and grace of the original music to a new level, stressing its warm and clear sound design. In addition, it makes the beautiful impact of the impeccable sonic panoramas come much closer to the listeners ear.

“Deep Roots, Hidden Water” contains ten tracks of dreamlike and heartfelt instrumental music, an exploration through the depths of time and space. One can now actually feel the intrinsic, vibrating power hidden in this inviting, beautifully moulded soundworld of gentle flowing textures, orchestral and chordal movements, for which Deborah worked together with Tony Levin and Coyote Oldman next to several musicians within the Spotted Peccary label.

Highly imaginary and thought provoking, these smooth and evocative compositions are indeed an imprint throughout the ages and the contemplation of the past and present together as one.

“Deep Roots, Hidden Water”, the lingering legacy of the ancients, is highly recommended!


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