Deep Imagination – Gemstones

Deep Imagination - Gemstones

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Deep Imagination – Gemstones
CD-R, Syngate, 2008

“Gemstones” is Deep Imagination’s second release, a project by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and friends.

The album starts out with “Planetary System”, followed by four live tracks. They all start out rather nice in a cosmic atmosphere, but after that there’s not much going on, as I couldn’t detect any real develop in the music.

At the start, “Colourscape” seems to venture out in a more dynamic manner, but also soon ends up in the same monotone, uninspired sounding noodlings. And there’s the sax in the fifth track music, which doesn’t bring much depth or atmosphere either.

To my ears, this is superficial and introductory-kindred music which isn’t followed by anything interesting or consistent.
The disc ends with the new studio 15 minute composition “Gem Stones”. It continues in the same style, but still not escaping the sound-check realm.

As a bonus, the release contains a dvd-r (which is also available as single copy), containing a video clip to the first track plus a 13 minute film of a live-concert at Satzvey Castle 2005.
The album is also available as download on



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