Deep Sky Divers – Highlands & Skylands

Deep Sky Divers - Highlands & Skylands


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Deep Sky Divers – Highlands & Skylands
CD, Any Robinhood, 2002

“Highlands & Skylands” by David Jones and Jon Short, aka the Brittish duo Deep Sky Divers, is a haunting album filled with highly cinematic music inspired by the beauty and landscape of the Scottish Highlands.

The almost hour-long cd contains nine compositions which reflect the passion and impact of this grand natural environment, nicely kicked off by the heavenly, melancholic soundings of “Beyond the Hill”.

Listening to the following tracks of melodic music is like seeing the panoramic views of the changing landscape slowly passing by. The emotional “Second childhood’s end” beautifully expresses the feeling of long for days that have gone by.

“Lake of Menteith” starts out with heavenly textures as the opening track, describing the beauty and magic of this only Scottish lake, later ending up in a more rhythmic outing.

The remaining four tracks realm in the same delightful relaxing sonics of tranquil ambient moods, only expanding the aforementioned painting.

All in all, “Highlands & Skylands” is a real gem for all those who love the Scottish territory and highly visual electronics.
Very well done, David and Jon!


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