Deep Sky Divers – Momentum

Deep Sky Divers - Momentum

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Deep Sky Divers – Momentum
CD, Any Robinhood, 2001

Deep sky Divers are the Scottish duo John Short and David Jones, who have previously released three other albums (“Natural Power”, “Every Generation” and “In the Northern Sky”).

“Momentum” contains a selection of tracks from these ’90 albums plus a couple of unreleased pieces.
The cd nicely kicks of with the ultra short “Humdrum” (lasting only 39 seconds) which is followed by the beautiful “Eternia” with a very nice sequence and symphonic realms, bit this one only lasts 1.53 minutes. This music really deserved a full length version and should not stick to a few proper sketches.

The well composed “Raging Calm” (6:39) finally shows what these musicians are capable of: quiet, engaging electronic ambient with slight symphonic hints.
Sadly enough, from the fourth track on the quality of the music sinks to the level of the instrumental mainstream stuff that was released years ago by the German IC-label. It’s poor easy-listening which reaches the limit with the seventh track “Stride to Stride”, which breath a high feel of amateurism.

Surprisingly enough, tracks eight and nine slide back to high quality sound painting with lots of emotion: “Deep Sky Meditation” is very well executed and made me think of the album “Below” of the Swiss band Zeus Faber, while the title track offers an great, ultra-low bass sequence to test you hi-fi system.
The rest of the tracks are quite disappointing again, and includes the poppy, vocal piece “The One I Love”, before the album closes with a reworked version of the second track.

Summarizing: only five of the thirteen tracks are really worthwhile, which is a poor outcome to justify buying the full album.


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