Deep Sky Divers – The New Fast Lane

Deep Sky Divers - The New Fast Lane

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Deep Sky Divers – The New Fast Lane
CD, Any Robinhood, 2003

An album filled with exactly 60 minutes of chill-out music, the soundtrack for a life less hectic. This description comes from the UK-duo Jon Short and David Jones, aka Deep Sky Divers.

They’ve transformed and reworked some compositions of their previous (superb) album “Highlands and Skylands” and the cd “Momentum”, but carefully “ripped of” the peaks and more up-tempo passages.
The outcome is cinematic, warm music to switch off your mind for a few hours or so. It wouldn’t be right to go into detail what these guys have changed, but it is very well done.

The only thing I don’t like of this release is the cd-cover: using a dull traffic sign and implement it into a picture of beautiful Scottish scenery isn’t something very tasty and appropriate to this touching music.

For the rest, “The New Fast Lane” offers some very relaxing and imaginable music to sooth the mind without getting new-age.


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