Deepernet – Impossible Landscapes

Deepernet - Impossible Landscapes

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Deepernet – Impossible Landscapes
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music/OE3, 2014

Entirely created in Cubase, the cross-genre “Impossible Landscapes” is Andrew Miles’ second album for the Spotted Peccary label, which (fortunately) is a tad less energetic compared to “One”.

The contemporary outcome features the dream-like vocals of guest-artist Zefora on two ambient pieces, while the others are a mix of groovy mid/down-tempo electronics, samples plus beats along a few quieting ambient excursions (such as “Planum”, “Thought Drop” and “Aphelion”.

I’m not into this style of psytronica myself, as it sounds a bit distant, too technical and clean after having heard a couple of tracks. Then again, the distortive and looped sound samples scattered over various takes also get a bit tiring as the album progresses. It makes “Astral Body” a major flaw between the others, while the final “Quantum Teleportation” fits best in the general down-tempo section.

Maybe some electronic tech-heads or psy& goa trance fans may find some of their liking on this release.



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