Deepspace – Deep Blue Universe

Deepspace - Deep Blue Universe

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Deepspace – Deep Blue Universe
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

The ambient spaces explored by Brisbane-based composer Mirko Ruckels have the ability to resonate in the air long after the music has faded away, at least for me. The drifting textural planes making up the nine compositions on his 11th release “Deep Blue Universe” seem to increase the immersive, imaginary aural experience even further. The listener is taken out into the galactic outdoors where mysterious, slightly surreal slumbers and swirls of calm merge effortlessly. For me, this all works out especially well through the fluid soundscapes found on “Primordial Oceans” and “Spiral Galaxy” while a gentle breeze of softness whirls round on “Underneath the Briny”. Thereafter, subdued stellar radiance shines all over the place on “Vertical Landscapes”.

Resuming the aforementioned I’d say this one makes another nice addition to the Deepspace discography.


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