Deepspace – Slow Wave Cathedral

Deepspace - Slow Wave Cathedral

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Deepspace – Slow Wave Cathedral 
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

I’ve been following the ambient music by Mirko Ruckels, aka Deepspace, for quite some years now, and still think he’s a fine talent within and contributor with a unique voice to the genre.

After a long hiatus, “Slow Wave Cathedral” was released in November 2011 containing pieces recorded in early 2010. It features Telomere (aka Christopher McDonald) on two tracks, is another well composed and warm sounding release addressing dreams and vast distances. The recording of electronics and treated guitar strings actually spans the gamut of atmospheric sounds and textures in a way that encompasses both composition and sound design. If one likes amorphous, textural ambiences with a cinematic impact, the 9-track outcome will be right up your alley as it invites onto a journey into slight mystic-flavoured aural worlds, distant lands and hints of an exotic beyond. Elements from Stars of the Lid and Robert Rich sip through the beatless ambient soundworlds occasionally. This said, a distinct desert ambience makes up “Vibration of the Sands”, Biosphere’s “Substrata” echoes on “Paradise 152,233” next to dreamy unfocussed sounds found on “Whisper 1”.

Overall, give this one an attentive listen if the presented ambiences of “The Barometric Sea”, “Slow Moving Lifeforms” and “The Glittering Domain” appealed to you.


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