Deepspace – Superradiance

Deepspace - Superradiance  


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Deepspace  – Superradiance
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2022

The music of Mirko Ruckels, aka Deepspace, has always been a fine vehicle to detach from worldly affairs. Now there’s “Superradiance”, out as a download on the established Projekt Records label, where the composer takes the next step by taking his listeners into the deep end and far off worlds.

Enter the galactic expanse with 64 minutes of emotive, overly lush, wide-spread textures blended with harmonic resonating ethereal tapestries dressed with delicate perfumes of awe and wonder. Creating in-depth atmospheres as well as senses of time and weightlessness comes to fruition best on the three longer tracks -all clocking over 10 minutes- found near the end of the album.

Space music fans as well as aficionados of imaginative soundscape ambient will want to dig this beautifully made recording 100%.


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