Deepspace – The Barometric Sea

Deepspace - The Barometric Sea

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Deepspace – The Barometric Sea
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2007

“The Barometric Sea”, the debut ambient release by Australian musician Mirko Ruckels, was initially offered for free on because the composer wanted to show some support to that label. According the composer the album features score music putting the listener in a deserted spaceship after a cataclysmic event with the haunting sounds of distant muzak echoing through empty corridors.

The sense of emptiness, remoteness and vast cosmic space is a constant factor in the lush, gradual unfolding, rather flowing result while also visiting a few darker corners. It displays a graceful gentleness on the title piece and “Sol” while submerging into a deeper, more haunting realm on the longer tracks “The Astrology”, “Leaving the Hub” and “The Drop of Nowhere”. “Gathering Clouds 2” encountered a bit later enters the ethereal void while the album chills out on the final tracks.

Although sounding a slight bit unbalanced and rough at the edges occasionally, “The Barometric Sea” makes an interesting ambient listen.


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