Deepspace – The Barometric Sun

Deepspace - The Barometric Sun

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Deepspace – The Barometric Sun
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2007

A few months back, my first encounter with the music of Brisbane-based musician Mirko Ruckels, aka Deepspace, was a pleasant one with the flowing textural work “Another Empty Galaxy”.

“The Barometric Sun” is an almost 71 minute kindred album, offering a collection of 11 non-rhythmic, well-balanced ambient excursions with a strong spacious impact.

The continuous flow of gliding, original sounding soundscapes is of an inviting charm, carefully sliding through the depths, mysteries, beauty and dimensions of space in which occasional, nicely rendered vocal textures give the music some slight symphonic hints.

This soothing, highly visual music is very appropriate to stress down and clear your busy mind, as the soft cascading, velvet streams will smoothen things down in minutes.

All in all, this sure is a cosmic album deserving another thumb up.
The album is available as free download from the netlabel


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