Deepspace – The Blue Dunes

Deepspace - The Blue Dunes


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Deepspace – The Blue Dunes
Digital Download, Projekt Records, 2022

Over the last few years, I repeatedly felt the growing need to escape from nowadays constantly buzzing, chaotic, and demanding world, finding ambient music one of the best means to do so. The ambient works by Brisbane-based musician Deepspace -a true desert freak captivated by inner worlds- are able to transport the listener to an alternate, overall calming reality creating imaginary realms before the mind´s eye.

The fluid, smooth evolving textural landscapes and expansive ethereal soundscapes making up the 70-minute “The Blue Dunes” form an ocean of ambient bliss. I even dare say the sparse, minimal outcome with lovely glacial characteristics fits in the same league as Roach”s classic “Structures from Silence” and “Quiet Music” to a certain extent. The seven tracks line up seamlessly with a sci-fi storyline (which comes as a 10-page PDF booklet included in the download) Mirko Ruckels wrote up about a figure that enters a vast blue desert and experiences the beauty and impact of these environs: the gradual evolving music suggests the landscape, the remote, empty spaces sketched out are almost tangible.

For me, “The Wind at Night”, “The Flatlands”, “The Memory” and the 16-minute title piece kicking off the recording really stand out on this strong and fascinating concept album. Highly recommended & well done, Mirko!

Note: YouTube features various videos to tracks of “The Blue Dunes”.


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