Deepspace – World Ocean Atlas

Deepspace - World Ocean Atlas

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Deepspace – World Ocean Atlas
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2009

With this album, Mirko Ruckels aka Deepspace invites us on a trip through the “World Ocean Atlas”.
The outcome is proof of a further refining, deepening and shaping of the ambient magic which made up the visual sonic landscapes on his previous albums.

The real beauty of his music lies embedded in the carefully moulded textural soundscapes which are presented in 11 tracks, unfolding a story of submergence and an overall sense of wonder.
Nicely shaped but never prominent sequencer patterns mingle with fluid textures and highly immersive and imaginary soundscapes and shapes, making up a string of gradually evolving soundworlds.

All in all, “World Ocean Atlas” is a beautiful and well produced work of mature ambient music that triggers the imagination every minute of the journey.


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