Dene De Benedictis – A Lone Reply

Dene De Benedictis - A Lone Reply

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Dene De Benedictis – A Lone Reply
CD, Fateless Records, 2001

Dean is also known as the musician behind Surface 10, but the music on “A Lone Reply” is something completely different from the rather experimental output on his Surface 10 release “In Vitro Tide”.
All recordings were realised between fall ’98 and spring ’99, and is a wholehearted tribute tot the American Indian.

The albums contains 78 minutes of excellent tribal-ambient music: beautifully layered soundscapes, piano, various ethnic flutes and percussion are combined into a kind of music that dwells into territory of Robert Rich and Steve Roach (Suspended Memories).
But Dean is also capable of giving the music his own signature with some interesting turns and twists. Especially the flutes and rhythms give the music a nice organic feel.

The last two tracks enter the soundscape worlds of the collaborative duo Roach/Vidna Obmana, tapping into mystery and another dimension.
This is a well-done album for ambient lovers!



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