Der Waldläufer – Wanderlust

Der Waldläufer - Wanderlust

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Der Waldläufer – Wanderlust
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

There’s quite some electronic music around that’s inspired by or strongly connects to the natural world, its beauty and organic foundation.

Der Waldläufer, a project by German synthesist, producer and composer Tobias Seidenthal, also fits in this category, as it offers an organic-based mix with elements derived from ambient, chill-out, downbeat, drone and soundscape along some gentle e-guitar licks.

“Wanderlust”, his second recording to date, is what one might refer to as stress-relief music or music for the slow lane. Moreover, this rich, fresh sounding but still calming outcome is an excellent vehicle to relax while finding a sense of balance and harmony for both mind and soul. I realize this all sounds very New Age, but that characterization would do no justice to the 13 uplifting, smooth evolving compositions making up the “Wanderlust”.

All in all, this light-ambient and occasionally even dreamy effort is a good choice for those looking for emotive and slow-paced instrumental music with a chill-out undercurrent. The overall production and mastering could have been a tad warmer tough.



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