Derelict Thoughts – Autumn Moon

Derelict Thoughts - Autumn Moon

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Derelict Thoughts – Autumn Moon
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2014

What I got here is the second full-length ambient project by Ron Boots after “Too Many Secrets”, but released under a new moniker: Derelict Thoughts. All who know Ron’s extensive release catalogue know he always has thrown in a couple of fine ambient compositions on every album along his contemporary, more sequenced music as a counterbalance.

What has ended up on “Autumn Moon” is music reminiscent of the often improvised music Ron performed live in concert during his two ambient concerts in Amsterdam and The Hague respectively, on which occasions Pieter Nooten also played a gig. Most of it ended up on the soft and gloomy nightshades of the 37-minute opener “Song for an Autumn Moon”. The latter is a smooth breathing and dreamy space of slow unfolding textures and slight romantic flavors that´s gently set in motion occasionally by light sequences and percussion as it evolves. The music especially grabbed me from the 27-minute mark on, from where it becomes even more expressive and symphonic as it starts rising upwards.

The emotive narrative is explored beautifully on the shorter pieces “A Gentle Night” and the lush guitar-centered “Lingering On”. On the final track “Half Moon Rising”, we enter minimalist, darker shaded territory again, but molded in a 10-minute intriguing rhythmic driven sound design.

All in all, “Autumn Moon” makes a worthy, overtly relaxed listen that will hopefully see a successor.



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