Derrick Stembridge & Mike Petruna – Cryptic Logic

Derrick Stembridge & Mike Petruna - Cryptic Logic

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Derrick Stembridge & Mike Petruna – Cryptic Logic
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Labile Records, 2024

What I got here is a most unusual recording for Sonic Immersion’s desk, as it’s an exploration of contemporary sound that transcends traditional boundaries.

“Cryptic Logic” actually invites listeners to embark on a journey through a musical universe that is both expansive and introspectively deep. The 51-minute contemporary-sounding recording, made in aiming to create something that wasn’t just heard, but deeply felt, fuses ambient and electronic in both a sophisticated and enthralling manner. As such it encapsulates the unique synergy between Mike Petruna’s dynamic beats and Derrick Stembridge’s emotionally charged resonant synths, strings, and ethereal ambient soundscapes. Each of the 12 tracks -boosting various emotions through its diverse and intricate soundscapes, from introspection to exhilaration- is a chapter in a story that resonates with the fleeting moments of life and the enduring nature of memory.

The busy, upfront side of the music is not up my alley, preferring the haunting melodies, melancholic vibes, and intimate-resonating ambient soundscapes embedded in and scattered all over the album, most notably in “Ephemeral”, “Moments In Space” (featuring Alien’s Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off), “Eons” and the serene, highly emotive finale “The Ones We Lost” that airs a profound sense of loss, remembrance, and reverence.

Rest me to say to check out “Cryptic Logic” if you prefer to dig something different in the electronic music landscape, I reckon.





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