Diatonis – Pond

Diatonis - Pond

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Diatonis – Pond
CD-R/DVD-R, Private Release, 2008

Diatonis, aka Stuart White, describes his album “Pond” as “a mildly dark ambient album with moments of intense sound”, consisting of eight songs (of which four of them have music videos), which uses real percussion, synths and guitar.

The album, lasting just over an hour, continues in the same style as explored on his previous effort “Dark Edges”, so look out for a blend of morphing textures with darkening undercurrents.

The opening title track and “First Light” with their slow meandering soundscapes and ritual percussion gave me a some kind of flashback of the far gone music of Solitaire, but the other tracks dig their own deep ambient journey with foggy atmospheres, occasional rough/experimental edges and suspense undercurrents.
Of all tracks, “The Mountaintop” and “Caverns” dwell into a lighter, more positive oriented sonic territory.

“Pond” consists of an audio cd-r and dvd-r. The NTSC dvd, playable in both normal dvd players and dvd-audio players, has both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround sound while the dvd-audio zone is 5.0 Surround at 96kHz/24-bit depth.

Website: www.diatonis.com

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