Dilate – Cyclos

Dilate - Cyclos

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Dilate – Cyclos
CD, Cleopatra Records, 1996

Dilate is an ambient project by musician and sound explorer Victor Wulf, who previously collaborated in the experimental/industrial project Vampire Rodents.

His 77-minute debut “Cyclos” (quite a rare find these days) tells a different story though, as it immerses the listener in a vast and deep spacious realm. Drawn from his experiences as a soundtrack composer, Mr Wulf makes things evolve in a most gentle and most expansive manner, moving slowly through cosmic territory while evoking various transcendental and hypnotic feelings and even throwing in a TD-ish feel at times.

Think lengthy and woozy synth notes, textures and smooth pulses accompanied by distant signal noises, all painting a sedate and cinematic sonic canvas.

This well-produced outcome is great stuff for headphone listening. All in all, nice going, Mr Wulf!



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