Dilate – Octagon

Dilate - Octagon

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Dilate – Octagon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hypnotic Records, 1997

Dilate’s fine space/ambient effort “Cyclos” already made quite an impression on me, so what a surprise to learn Victor Wulf was able to raise the quality bar even higher with the follow-up “Octagon”.

The spacious and meticulously mastered/produced yet entrancing soundtrack to the mind pairs ambient blissfulness with repetitive synth-chord progressions and textural drone waves, evoking a myriad of hypnotizing, trancy and relaxed feelings.
I can’t neglect Mr Wulf’s sonic minimalism has some predictable elements at times, but overall it doesn’t fail to make the extensive journey on this double-album worthwhile (nor do some distant and cold characteristics flying by).

All in all, “Octagon” (Dilate’s second and also last full-length album) makes two hours of mature ear-candy for ambient fans.



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