Dino Pacifici – Hallowed Ground

Dino Pacifici - Hallowed Ground  


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Dino Pacific  –  Hallowed Ground
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 1999

Montreal, Canada-based Dino Pacifici has been active in music since 1984, with some forays into jazz. This “Hallowed Ground” is his fifth cd, filled with just under 70 minutes of distinct ambient.

Opener “Solace” stands out most positively for my taste: 22 minutes of soft engaging ambient sounds in the tradition of Roach’s “Structures from Silence”. The following “Timeshift” is with over 17 minutes is already more strange with its tribal-like rhythm, drone sounds. It is vaguely reminiscent of the work of A Produce. The next track contains tabla-like percussion and sequencer lines, around which soundscapes are draped, but then the decay really sets in: high-tech-like fiddling, bleeping and some whistling in which no line can be seen. Also in the closing piece “Cave Dweller” you can hear a lot of sample rattling that doesn’t make sense. In short: an album of which only the first three tracks are worth listening to.

Website: deepacifici.bandcamp.com


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