Dino Pacifici – The Float Zone

Dino Pacifici - The Float Zone

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Dino Pacifici – The Float Zone
CD, Private Release, 2004

Dino Pacifici has been around in electronic music for quite some time. By whatever reason it took longer before this new album saw the light, as the last album I heard from him (“Hallowed Ground”) is from 1999.

As the album-title already indicates, the listener awaits an ambient/space album. But it has become one with some occasional tribal soundscapes and subtle percussion next to drifting, textural environments.
The vocal fx’s featured in “When it came” are rather strange, but the tribal percussion and swirling lead-synth of “Undercurrents” (the best piece on the album) work very well.

The titletrack doesn’t make much sense as it lingers on with its annoying, pitch-controlled sound, but the additional tribal percussion in the second half of the track is great.

Some e-guitar pops up in “Epilogue”, before the 42 second “Outro” (which sounds like a great opening of a longer track to me) concludes the album. I wished Pacifici would have made an album more in that style.



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