Djen Ajakan Shean & Vidna Obmana – Parallel Flaming

Djen Ajakan Shean & Vidna Obmana - Parallel Flaming

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Djen Ajakan Shean & Vidna Obmana – Parallel Flaming
CD, Multimood Records, 1994

In the first half of the ‘90s quite some tribal-ambient releases saw the light of day. Steve Roach did a bunch, solo as well as together with musicians across the globe. In that period Dirk Serries (aka Vidna Obmana) was a major teamplayer and kindred spirit who invited Belgium percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Djen Ajakan Shean for a few projects of his own.

The 60-minute “Parallel Flaming” presents itself to the listener as a spiritual, serene and sometimes mysterious sonic ceremony where organic-infused atmospheres fly high and minimalist, ethereal textural landscapes including a dash of didj evolve naturally. To its haunting stasis Djen’s dynamic, ethnic-spiced percussion is added together forming a fascinating yet hypnotizing sonic hybrid.

Seven years after the initial release, selected tracks of “Parallel Flaming” were reworked extensively by Vidna Obmana and appeared on the double-cd “The Subterranean Collective” (Projekt Records, 2001) next to pieces of the albums “Echoing Delight” and “The Spiritual Bonding”.



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