Dolores Castro – Fifth Dimension

Dolores Castro - Fifth Dimension

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Dolores Castro – Fifth Dimension
CD, Musea Records, 2005

As we know since a lot of years, female musicians form a minority in the world of electronic music. To them we can now add Dolores Castro from Spain, who has a background in music theory and piano, composing music based on her intuition.

Her output is symphonic kindred ambient, offering some piano-lead melodies and rather up-tempo rhythms. Without being negative, it’s typical female music, sensitive and sometimes even majestic, something that also applies to some of the work of Constance Demby.

The first few tracks are nice, but “SunnyDay” is a weak spot with techno-like rhythms and a not-attractive lead. The piano-lead in “Peace” aren’t that fancy either, only towards the end the music gets brighter and interesting.

On the tracks and passages where there’s no lead-melody, things remain bare and empty. “Changes” offers xylophone-sounds, but again a main lead is missed.
“Stars” airs some nice symphonic realms, but the accompanying rhythm remains mediocre. The tracks that follow don’t sparkle a flame.
Only the symphonic, non-rhythmic “ListenHearts” concludes the album in a positive manner.

In my opinion, the static, monotonous rhythms are a weak point on this cd next to the half-succeeded melodies. This music would also benefit from a better production.



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