Don Slepian – Electronic Music from the Rainbow Isle

Don Slepian - Electronic Music from the Rainbow Isle

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Don Slepian – Electronic Music from the Rainbow Isle
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Don Slepian Music/Numero Group, 1978/2000

This compilation-album, released in September 1978 on a privately-released cassette, contains early electronic music made during the 10 years Don Slepian lived on Hawaii. The original cassette featured 6 tracks, while the re-release from 2000 on cd-r by the artist himself has 13 tracks (but missing the composition “Halloween Piece” of the original tape).

In 1971 Don Slepian worked as a wiring technician in the computer sound output room in the Acoustics and Behavioral Research Department of Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. In the fall of that year, Slepian moved to Hawaii and entered an experimental program at the University of Hawaii that allowed him to major in electronic music. Most of the music heard here has a rough edge in sound and composition: they are rather jam-sessions lacking structure featuring a bunch of analogue synth sounds, acoustic guitar, flute aside ethnic sound sources from e.g. Indonesia.

“March of the Spirits” from 1973 proves an experimental outing contrary more constructed pieces such as “Evolution” or “Another Electric Tuesday”. Songstructure appears on the more recent tracks like opener “Nightwatch” (with lovely mellotron-flutes), “Life after Life” and “Horizon”. These tracks also appear on Slepian’s “Sonic Perfume” (Audion Records, 1987). I consider “Electronic Music from the Rainbow Isle” hardcore archival stuff for die-hearts only.




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