Don Slepian – Sea of Bliss

Don Slepian - Sea of Bliss

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Don Slepian – Sea of Bliss
CD-R, Private release, 1980

This in fact is a fully remastered version of the classic album Don Slepian made at the start of the ‘80s. At that time, it created quite a buzz in the electronic music scene as is was played a lot at Stephen Hill’s Music from the Hearts of Space radio program.

In that period, Don Slepian was employed as “artist in residence” at Bell Labs, where he spent most his time working with the Bell Labs Digital Synthesizer. With this advanced synthesizer, he composed all music of the 70-minute “Sea of Bliss”, of which a further description is available on Don’s website.

The three extended tracks form a cristalin oasis of ambient electronica, perfectly suitable for relaxation and meditation. The music contains some beautiful sustained piano embedded in carefully moulded warm textures, accompanied by soft twinkling sonic snowflakes and some melodic elements.

After all these years, it remains a nice soundscape constellation of eb and flow. The closing track “Sonic Perfume”, which I knew from the same-titled Audion-release, was originally released on the audio cassette “Computer don’t Breakdown”, privately released by Don Slepian in 1981.

The only pity is that the overall sound quality of the album hasn’t been improved with nowadays technology, as some crackles and overstearing can be noticed here and there.
Nevertheless, the slowly drifting and atmospheric “Sea of Bliss” (which has the purpose to change your state of consciousness) is an ocean of serenity and introspection, which fans of the genre will cherish.



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