Dorian Przystalski – Antimatter

Dorian Przystalski - Antimatter

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Dorian Przystalski – Antimatter
CD-R, Underwater Music, 2003

Dorian hails from Poland, and found his first home at Underwater music, but by now he has set up his on website.

“Antimatter” contains of 45 minutes of rather traditional, accessible EM in which tasty ingredients as up-tempo sequencers, groovy basses, warm sounds and some solo’s make up the whole.

Rhythm and melody get along very well, but this music doesn’t take any risk either as it neatly follows the path made by lots of German musicians.

The first few tracks made me think of Amethystium, especially the second track “Escape from Reality”, but without the Gregorian elements.
Only the used bell sounds in the fourth track aren’t that great.

Beside this, I’m sure this well produced but also not surprising album will certainly appeal to a lot of EM-fans.
Note: in 2005, the album also was released by the German Syngate label as Dorian.



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